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20 Santa Clauses descend a gorgeous canyon in Crete (Photos)

They wanted to welcome the festive season in their own special way.


Twenty fans of canyoning descended a beautiful canyon in Crete, as part of an original event that was organized by the Cretan Canyoning Association.
The annual Christmas descent of the association took place in the canyon of Eligas, which is located at Emparos.
20 members of CCA, including men and women, dressed as Santa Clauses and descended the canyon in order to welcome the festive season in their own special way.
agios2 agios4
The Cretan Canyoning Association started operations ten years ago, with the purpose of mainly educating young people according to the standards of French and Italian canyoning schools.
It also aims to the preservation and repair of secure locks, the exploration, the security and the mapping of new canyons in Crete and in Greece in general.

German tourists prefer Greece

A 18.6% increase in traffic compared to 2013

The upcoming summer tourist season is on its way and everything shows that it will be successful, based on German statistics evaluating the 2015 summer season.

This year’s winner in the choice of destinations of Germans is Greece. “No other country experienced higher growth in 2014”, said DRV’s director, the biggest German tour operator and travel agencies operation. Based on the German statistical office, 2,060,000 tourists flew from Germany to Greece between April and October 2014. This is an increase of 18.6% compared to 2013 (1,860,000).

Forbes: Britain must return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece

Making specific reference to the recent loan of a Parthenon statue to Hermitage Museum in Russia, she notes that this gesture was a stinging insult to Greece.


In an article published by Forbes magazine, Leila Amineddoleh, partner at Galluzzo & Amineddoleh and executive director of Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation, explains why she believes that the British Museum must return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.
Characterizing the Parthenon as one of the most recognized symbols of Western Civilization and the highest architectural achievement of the Ancient Greeks, Ms. Amineddoleh underlines that, for Greece, these amazing sculptures are “a symbol of their culture, heritage and past.”
“In the same vein, art historians and archaeologists argue that the sculptures are integral to the ancient temple structures still standing in Athens,” notes the successful lawyer specializing in art, cultural heritage and intellectual property law.
Making specific reference to the recent loan of a Parthenon statue to Hermitage Museum in Russia, she notes that this gesture was a “stinging insult” to Greece, who has been requesting the marbles return for many years now.
The author believes that it is “disheartening to view the marbles in London after learning that their removal damaged one of mankind’s crowning achievements” and states that the only moral solution would be to return them.

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Photo of the Day..

December in Plakias, Crete!!


New Greek Christmas stamps!

STAMPSNew stamps by Hellenic Post (ELTA) to celebrate the festive season.
 A festive season of stamps have been issued by Hellenic Post. The series, titled “Children’s Christmas” circulate in 10 items. The QRC-styled stamps can be read by smartphones and are of the latest technology. The Greek Typaldou children’s choir is featured in the series.

Amphipolis, Greece: One of the top 10 Discoveries of 2014. (A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America)

Top-10-2014-PlacardEver since the discovery of the largest known Greek tomb was announced in August, archaeology buffs around the world have been eagerly awaiting each successive bit of news from the site. The Amphipolis tomb, which dates to the time of Alexander the Great, is a prime example of how archaeology can captivate the public imagination and easily earned a spot on our list of the Top 10 Discoveries of 2014.

Equally impressive was the discovery, after decades upon decades of searching, of a ship that sank in Arctic waters in present-day Canada almost 170 years ago while looking for the Northwest Passage. That find was deemed so momentous that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took it upon himself to make the official announcement.

Archaeologists were also hard at work in the lab squeezing as much insight as possible out of limited evidence. Analysis of 6,000-year-old funerary wrappings established that ancient Egyptians practiced artificial mummification much earlier than had been thought. Genetic material from a skeleton found in an underwater cave in Mexico helped shed light on the relationship between the first people to arrive in the Americas and modern Native Americans. And a clever approach to interpreting the genome of Neanderthals revealed factors beyond the raw genetic code that explain how they differed from modern humans.

This year’s finds span the globe and tens of thousands of years, but are united in demonstrating archaeology’s ability to uncover hidden truths. What better example than the revelation via remote-sensing technologies that Stonehenge is surrounded by thousands of yet-to-be-interpreted Neolithic archaeological features? The discoveries on our top 10 list stand as a reminder that there is always more to learn about our past.
Greece's Biggest Tomb 
(Source: http://www.archaeology.org/)

Low cost airline Niki launches new flight to Athens

The new connection to Athens will operate daily (except on Saturday) with an Airbus A320
Austrian budget airline Niki, a subsidiary of Air Berlin, has announced that it is extending its service to Greece: Athens will be included in the flight plan for the summer of 2015, with flights to the Greek capital every day except Saturday.
With the inclusion of Athens in April 2015, a new Niki destination will thus be added for the mainland of the southern European country, supplementing popular Greek holiday islands in the Mediterranean, such as Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos.
The new connection to Athens will operate daily (except on Saturday) with an Airbus A320 and provide additional flexibility and the best connecting flights for holiday and business travelers to Greece.
According to the airline’s announcement, Niki (HG8640) will take off from Vienna at 11:30 and land in the Greek capital at 13:35. The return flight (HG8641) will leave Athens at 14:25 and land in Vienna at 16:45.
“Greece has become the strongest growth market for NIKI over the past few years,” says Niki’s Managing Director Christian Lesjak. “The recently decided-upon fleet conversion and our position as market leader will enable us to offer more flights from Vienna to Greece in the future.”
(Source: protothema)

Take part in the Santa Fun Run in Chania, Crete (photos + video)

Those who take part get 25% off their fare to Crete!

Over 5,000 Santa Clauses are preparing for the 4th Santa Run on December 27 on the island of Crete. The Santa run combines the ordinary fun event as people run with Santa suits with Cretan hospitality and treats along the way.
SANTA9The run that had initially been started by a group of friends on the island has been gaining in popularity with just 400 participants in 2011, 1,500 in 2012 and 3,000 in 2013. The benefit run allows participants to have fun and enjoy the festivities while also gathering money for good causes.
Participation packages:
a) Single participant 15 € (after the 20/12 participation fee is 20 €)
b) Group participation. You can buy one or more entries for the whole gang and make a group participation! The largest group will be awarded!
c) Donation. The most generous Santa Claus will also be awarded! If you wish to help further the charitable purpose of the Santa Run, you can raise money from friends and acquaintances and to participate in form of a donation, choosing 20 €, 50 €, 100 € or a combination (select amounts cumulatively ) . The largest donation by a participant will be rewarded… begin finding your sponsors and become the most generous Santa Claus of the 2013 Santa Run!
SANTA4 Each participant receives
– A Santa Claus Costume
– Treats on the route
– Free entrance to the party
– 1 additional beer at the party
– Gifts and Sponsor contributions
Those who participate in the Santa Run receive 25% off their ferry tickets on ANEK lines from December 18 through to January 10.

Payment for your participation
Transfer to the following bank account:
Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary: Santa Run
Ar.Log .: 5758-069618-527
IBAN: GR31 0172 7580 0057 5806 9618 527
To claim your participation, and if you choose to pay by bank deposit, we will also need to complete and entry form (right).
or visit the following businesses
1) Santa Run, Tzanakaki 17,Chania
2) Galerie de baute, Tzanakaki 34,Chania
3) Sports Stavros, An.Papandreou 57, Chania
CLICK HERE for more info.

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"Top Venues for Live Theatre" Ranks Herod Atticus Odean Second Best!!

The Athenian Herod Atticus Odean that sits beneath the Acropolis, has been deemed the second-best location worldwide, to watch live performances!
Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail conducted a "Top Venues for Live Theatre" list and ranked venues around the map that offer live music, dance and theatre performances.
When discussing Herod Atticus, the news portal described its historical relevance and deemed it, "...the perfect location where modern music meets with the ancient atmosphere." The top ranking site was The Minack Theatre in England, while Sydney's Opera House placed third.

Registrations are open: 6th Poseidon Athens Half Marathon

6th Poseidon Athens Half Marathon

The 6th Poseidon Athens Half Marathon, the great athletic event aiming to raise awareness regarding diabetes and obesity, will be held on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

With the phrase “Everyone’s a winner” as its moto, the event includes several races apart from the Half Marathon race such as a Relay Half Marathon race (2 runners), a quarter Marathon race, a Fun Run and a Power Walking race.
The courses make their way past the most beautiful spots of the coastline at Faliro area. In the case of the Half Marathon race, these include among others the Nautical Tradition Park, the battleship Averof, the trireme “Olympias”, the Water Square, the Park of Kallithea and the Peace and Friendship Stadium.
The finish line for all races is in the track of the Cultural and Sports Centre of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro.
Apart from the races, various other events will also take place from April 24 to April 26, inviting everyone to participate.
The event is under the auspices of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro, the Hellenic Association of Mass Popular Sports & Ultra Running Clubs (EOSLMA-Y), the European Federation “Sports for All” (UESpT) and the Hellenic Diabetes Association (EDE).
For more info: www.poseidon-athenshalfmarathon.com
 6th Poseidon Athens Half Marathon
26/04/2015 - 26/04/2015
Hours - Comments

Date: 26/04/2015. Area: Athens. Place: Faliro bay area. Start. T.: 08:30 (Half Marathon race, Relay race, ¼ Marathon race), 08:45 (Fun Run, Power Walking), 09:00 (all other races).   

Amphipolis most searched word by Greeks on Google

The uncovering of the Alexander the Great-era tomb at Amphipolis in northern Greece is the subject that most intrigued Greek web users, according to statistics made public on Tuesday by Google.
According to the search engine, Amphipolis was the most searched word on Greek Google this year.
Elections featured heavily in the top 10, with three references: “Elections 2014,” “Where do I vote” and “Interior Ministry” – the latter being the government department that publishes details of polling stations and results.
State broadcaster NERIT was the third most popular search, followed by this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The 2014 World Cup and the iPhone 6 also made it into the top 10.
(source: ekathimerini.com)

Πέμπτη 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Christmas wishes

Santa Claus in aquarium Crete! (video)

With immersion suit with the red costume appeared in the Aquarium of Crete Santa Claus offering a unique spectacle for those found in Thalassocosmos.

Up Christmas at regular intervals will make the "dive" in the Aquarium, it feeds the fish and turtles while providing unique moments in thousands of children are expected to go through the Thalassocosmos.

In the company of the Aquarium will be added besides Santa Claus and ... Mermaid that the coming days will make its presence felt in areas of Thalassokosmos.

Wine routes link vineyards to ancient sites

Visitors can learn more about wine and antiquity, seeing how the two are linked..


Attica vineyards have created a non-profit urban company “Wines of Athens”. Through this co-op they hope to promote local varieties of wine and link these to the Athens’ archaeological sites and attractions.
These “wine routes” aim to produce quality vintages and highlight the local Savvatiano grape that grows in the Attica region.
The vineyards participating in the “wine routes” are open to visitors to allow taste tests of their wines. They also offer visitors the chance to buy wines on the spot.
WINE The initiative also includes some historic wine makers in the area, including the Kokotou Estate, Anastasia Fragou Wineries, Markou Vineyards, Papagiannakou wineries and Mylona Microwinery.

European Travel Commission: Greece Among Top Destinations in Europe!!

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has included Greece among Europe’s top 10 destinations by international tourist arrivals for the first three quarters of 2014.
In its latest report “European Tourism–Trends & Prospects”, the ETC noted that Greece has grown by a “stunning” 16 percent, partly thanks to the recovery of business travel.
According to the report, data for the first three quarters of this year paint a very positive picture for destinations in Europe, with growth spread across virtually all reporting destinations.
Among Europe’s top 10 destinations by international tourist arrivals, Spain, the second most visited destination, has grown by 9% through August, on top of nearly 61 million visits reported for 2013. Turkey, ranked number four, mirrors this performance with a seven percent increase. Germany, Europe’s fifth most visited destination, has continued its strong track record with current performance at five percent. Greece ranked number 10 among Europe’s top destinations for the first three quarters of the year.
In addition, the ETC found that European tourism grew strongly throughout 2014, with data up to August pointing to a four percent increase in foreign visits. Growth in large destinations in Southern and Northern Europe exceeded expectations, and strong two-digit growth was reported by a large number of smaller destinations.
Also, data points to a rebound of short breaks on top of main holidays, backed by increased consumer spending power in key source markets, the ETC noted in the report.
Europe is the world’s No. 1 tourist destination with 563 million international arrivals and more than 50 percent of the market share of worldwide tourism.

Traditional holiday food

Holidays are coming and very few people can resist the seductive aroma of gingerbread cookies, roast turkey, Christmas pudding and other delicacies traditionally prepared and consumed this time of year.
Greece has its own traditional holiday dishes and it is a great Christmas destination for foodies, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. These are the top 5 traditional holiday foods you simply must try!
This Greek bread, which translates as “Christ’s bread”, is decorated with an early form of the Christian cross and is sometimes served with honey on Christmas Eve.
The melomakarono is an egg-shaped Greek dessert made mainly from flour, olive oil, and honey.
Kourabiedes resemble a light shortbread, typically made with almonds. These pastries are shaped either into crescents or balls, then baked till slightly golden. After they cool, they are usually rolled in icing sugar.
Vasilopita is a New Year’s Day bread or cake in Greece which contains a hidden coin or trinket which gives good luck to the receiver.
Diples is a Greek dessert, made of thin sheet-like dough. The dough is rolled into long, thin strips, frie, folded in hot oil and then dipped in warm honey, chopped nuts and cinnamon. Diples are typically served in New Year’s celebrations.(source:protothema)

Gavdos wins a place amongst the 10 hidden paradise islands of the world!!


Gavdos wins a place amongst the 10 hidden paradise islands of the world

Thrillist site publishes a list of 10 hidden paradise islands of the world which remain unknown to many – Historical Gavdos is one of them.

Gavdos – Greece

With fewer than 50 residents and a free naturism camping, the island attracts campers and naturalists from all over the world. Only a few know the island since  It is accessible only by boat and most tourists choose the most popular and closest Crete.
Saba – Caribbean
It has fewer than 2.000 inhabitants and has only one road. There aren’t any sandy beaches and luxurious resorts in this little paradise of 12 square kilometers, but only a potentially active volcano.
Staniel Cay – Bahamas
The only  5 square kilometers island does not offer many accommodation options. On the other hand the lovers of the sea can explore its amazing underwater caves.
Palmyra Atoll – Pacific Ocean
An unspoiled garden of Eden with attractions of damaged shipwrecks and a legend for a buried treasure.
 Utila – Honduras
A tiny island with white beaches, plenty of parties and 12 organized dive spots for those who want to swim with the harmless, but scary whale sharks.
Lamu – Kenya
Accessible only by wooden boat. Lamu is a strange window into the past, where donkeys are the main form of transportation, the locals live off the fish they catch in the evening and the houses are made of coral and shells, creating a truly exotic getaway.
Palm Jumeirah – Dubai
An artificial creation with sand and stones in the shape of a palm, which includes luxury villas and shops like Beverly Hills.
Vieques – Puerto Rico
For over 50 years the US Navy used about two thirds of the island for free shooting, but now is a calm paradise with stunning reefs, free semi-wild horses and striking plants.
Fernando de Noronha – Brazil
An ideal place for snorkeling and diving or observing wildlife, with very friendly dolphins that swim in the water.(source:protothema)

Survey: Only Quarter of Britons Want UK to Keep Parthenon Marbles..

Only 26 percent of Britons believe that the sculptures that once adorned the ancient Parthenon in Greece should remain in London’s British Museum, according to a recent opinion poll conducted by international market UK research firm, YouGov, on behalf of The Times newspaper.
The poll was conducted a few days after the British Museum decided to lend a Parthenon sculpture to Russia’s State Hermitage Museum – an action that angered the Greek government.
The poll found that nearly one in two Britons (49 percent) believe that the Parthenon Marbles should be returned to Greece, while 24 percent did not express an opinion.
When asked if they agreed with the decision of the British Museum to send the Parthenon sculpture on a loan to Russia, 39 percent of respondents said they agreed with the decision, while 37 percent disagreed.
Generally on the issue of lending exhibits displayed in British museums to other museums around the world, 57 percent of respondents said they were in favor against 25 percent who argued that sculptures could be damaged that way.
The marble statues that once decorated the Acropolis in Athens have been the subject of dispute since they were taken from the Greek capital by the Earl of Elgin in 1803 and later housed in London’s British Museum.
The opinion poll took place between 7 and 8 December and among 1,589 Britons.
 A caryatid from the Erechtheion, stands alone, displayed at the British Museum.A caryatid from the Erechtheion, stands alone, displayed at the British Museum.

Greece Hits New Heights in Jan-Nov Passenger Numbers!!

The January-November 2014 period was the best so far in the history of Hellenic civil aviation as some 43 million passengers passed through Greek airports during the first 11 months of the year, an increase of six million compared to 2013.Photo © AIA
More specifically, 43.2 million passengers passed through Greek airports during the first 11 months of the year against 37.1 million during the same period in 2013.
Domestic passengers reached 11.2 million over 9.3 million in 2013 (an increase of 20.5 percent) while international passengers stood at 31.9 million against 27.7 million (an increase of 15.1 percent).
During January-November 2014, domestic flights increased by 1.9 percent and international flights rose by 13.7 compared to the same period of 2013.
According to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, passenger traffic is expected to improve even further in December due to the holiday season.
In November alone, domestic passengers increased by 36 percent and international passengers were up by 23.5 percent. Domestic flights last month increased by 12.2 percent and international flights by 17.2 percent.
The total amount of flights at Greek airports last month were 19,227 of which 13,012 were to Athens and Thessaloniki.

Mediterranean cooking: Moussakas

A delicious national dish from Greece!

Serves: 1 baking dish Preparation time: 20m Cooking time: 2h Ready in: 2h 40m


6 eggplants
Olive oil for frying
For the minced beef sauce
700g. minced beef
1 large onion, grated
1 glass of white wine
A shot of olive oil
2 tablespoon of tomato paste
5 allspice berries
6 tablespoons chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
For the béchamel sauce
6 tablespoons butter
8 tablespoons flour
800ml milk
3 eggs
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 cup finely grated Kefalotiri or any other hard and salty cheese
Salt and pepper
Preparation method
Step 1
Cut the eggplants into thick slices 1 cm thick, salt them and place them in a strainer for ½ hour.
Step 2
Rinse them with plenty of water and drain them with your hand.
Step 3
Dry, then fry them in olive oil until browned. Put them onto absorbent paper to strain their juices.
Step 4
Prepare the ground beef. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil and sauté the chopped onion and garlic. Add the minced meat and cook stirring continuously until it turns into little grains. Add the wine. Dissolve the tomato paste in a little water and pour over the meat. Add the allspice, the parsley, salt and pepper. Allow the mixture to be cooked until the water has evaporated.
Step 5
Prepare the béchamel sauce. Heat the fresh butter in a saucepan, add the flour and cook until browned. Then, pour the hot milk, stirring continuously to prevent clumping. Once the sauce thickens, remove from heat and add the nutmeg, salt and pepper. Add the grated cheese and stir. Pour the eggs and stir quickly until absorbed in the mixture. Leave aside.
Step 6
Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Place half the fried eggplants at the bottom of the baking dish. Add the minced meat on top and straighten all over. Make a second layer with the remaining eggplant. Pour the béchamel. Straighten with a knife and sprinkle with a little grated cheese.
Step 7
Put the pan in the oven for about 1 hour until top forms a golden crust.
Before you cut it into pieces, let the moussaka stand for half an hour.
Source: Olive magazine
Photo: George Drakopoulos 
Food Styling: Tina Webb

Tourism is a national affair

According to the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni, during the past couple of years Greece had successive records while the tourism industry is developing into a catalyst for enhancing the Greek economy

During her speech at a conference on “Entrepreneurship in Crete and Attika, the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni stated that “Tourism is a national affair” and added that “tourism must unite, compose and produce results for the good of the region and its people, for the good of Greece”.
Furthermore Ms Kefalogianni stated that the industry has recovered and that during the past couple of years Greece had successive records while the tourism industry is developing into a catalyst for enhancing the Greek economy.
According to Ms Kefalogianni, Athens will soon be transformed to a  major tourist destination.

Rethymno by bike..

If you are in the mood for wonderful bike rides under Crete’s sunny skies and feel the urge to explore the countryside, as well as its rich history, cycling in Rethymno is a fine option for you. Some paths may be demanding with their hilly terrain, others less strenuous, but all the more beautiful. Explore Rethymno’s magnificent nature, amidst the White Mountains and Mt. Psiloreitis, get to know beautiful beaches, legendary caves, historic monasteries and traditional villages. Try out the Cretan dishes that burst with flavour, served with a glass of raki or cretan wine while listening to folk music played on a lyra (three-stringed bowed musical instrument). So leave the conventional vacations aside and get to know places, the cyclist way!

Amazing bike routes

A wide variety of paths throughout the entire region of Rethymno leads to traditional villages boasting beautiful architecture such as Maroulas, Chromonastiri, Pikris, Mountros, Amnatos, Argyroupoli, Spili, Margarites, Anogeia and many more. There are routes climbing high on Mt. Psiloreitis or going down steep gorges such as Kourtaliotiko and Kotsyfou, to end at isolated beaches in the south. Other courses lead to monasteries, such as Arkadi and Vosakos and cross plains scattered with Byzantine country chapels, such as the Amari plain. Follow picture-perfect paths through dense olive groves, reach places affording amazing views, test your stamina in difficult climbs, enjoy lovely landscapes and take a short break in picturesque cafes - you’ll find one in every village.
There are routes recommended for beginners and others for more experienced cyclists. Take your pick among narrow country paved or dirt roads.

Useful information

Paths recommended below follow the region’s terrain. You can either choose to take them as they are or create your own, based on your abilities, stamina and time limits. Each one of the 22 routes on the list include information on the type of path and distance in kilometres. Download the Cycling Routes brochure about Rethymno where apart from the above information you’ll get a good picture of the best sights and villages on your way. There are indicator symbols that describe each place as best as possible.

You will find information on heights, distances measured in kilometres and recommended stops. But safety comes first! So enjoy your bike ride wearing your helmet and carry with you a raincoat as the weather can be unpredictable. Have some concentrated food with you and the phone number of someone you can get help from if anything goes bad.

Route suggestions

Rethymno – Mountros – Argyroupoli - Rethymno, 58 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Argyroupoli - Rethymno, 48 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Kastelos, 27 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Prases
, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Karoti
, 39 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Roustika - Bale
, 56 km. / Road Bicycle
Argyroupoli – Myriokefala – Asi Gonia
, 28 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Arkadi, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Vrysina Route, 48 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno - Plakias
, 42 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Plakias – Kotsifou & Kourtaliotiko Gorges
, 37 km. / Road Bicycle
Tour of Plakias
, 54 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Kentros, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Tour of Amari, 71 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – River Dam - Patsos, 30 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Spili - Preveli, 39 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Agia Galini - Triopetra, 58 km / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Panormo – Margarites - Bali, 66 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno - Melidoni
, 64 km. / Road Bicycle
Platanias – Arkadi - Eleftherna
, 53 km. / Road Bicycle
Rethymno – Vosakos Monastery, 47 km. / Road & Mountain Bicycle
Rethymno – Anogeia - Nida, 72 km. / Road Bicycle

You can download the brochure here!

Τρίτη 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Welcome to Crete island: Spring and autumn offers!

Season 2015

Non-refundable Rate for Low Season 

(25/03/2015 - 30/04/2015, 16/10/2015-31/10/2015)
 Two – roomed Suite (2 persons) 65€

Free sun beds loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

We have obtained for our clients a 12% discount (www.alianthos-group.com) and you can pick up your car directly from the airport .


Lufthansa Boosts Greece with New Flights, Destinations and Innovative Apps.

LufthansaMore flights, new destinations, modern applications, extra comfort and affordable prices make the Lufthansa experience a Greek experience with the airline announcing its new schedule and upgraded services to Greece for the coming summer.
With a 55-year presence in Greece, the German carrier announced the launch of a new flight from Munich to Heraklion, Crete — a choice destination for German and European tourists.
Lufthansa also said it would boost flights to Athens in the summer with two extra weekly flights from Munich to Athens amounting to 23 a week and 21 flights from Frankfurt to Athens. The total number of flights to Greece by Lufthansa Group airlines will come to 158 a week for the summer of 2015.
Despite the difficult economic climate, Greece has always been a prime destination for Lufthansa, with statistics revealing reason for optimism.
According to the latest traffic figures, inbound traffic to Greece for the first nine months of 2014 with Lufthansa accounted for about 310,000 passengers, the majority of whom were from Germany and the United States. Outbound traffic from Greece came to 161,000 passengers.
“We are happy to see the increasing traffic, which demonstrates that we meet travelers’ demands from both Greece and Cyprus, offering the strongest European and North American network,” Deutsche Lufthansa AG general manager for Greece and Cyprus, Harro Julius Petersen said.
The airline also went ahead and upgraded its inflight entertainment system and is now also offering more comfort at affordable prices with the introduction of its new Premium Economy Class.
In 2014, the Lufthansa Group invested 2.2 billion euros for the modernization and maintenance of its fleet, which consists of 627 aircraft with 295 airplanes on order valued at over 36 billion euros and set to be delivered by 2025.